National tree week

Sandringham supports Surrey County Council’s Trees for Schools

Sandringham is committed to tackling climate change and is working with Surrey County Council, who have an ambitious target to facilitate the planting of 1.2 million trees (one for every resident) by 2030.

As part of this, Sandringham is participating in Surrey’s Trees for Schools campaign and has planted trees on the school (28 November to 6 December 2020).

Natalie Bramhall, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Climate Change, said, “Trees play an important role in combatting climate change and also provide a wonderful habitat for wildlife. We’re delighted Sandringham is working with us to encourage children to plant trees and understand more about the natural world.”

The trees provided include a mixture of Common Holly, Common Hornbeam, Silver Birch, Common Hazel and Common Hawthorn. There are also hedge packs available which include a selection from Hawthorn, Field Maple, Hazel, Spindle, Blackthorn, Dogwood, Guelder Rose and Wayfaring.

Tree planting can provide a fantastic learning opportunity for children as well as providing shade during heatwaves, a pollution barrier, and a habitat for wildlife, with increased greenery contributing to improved mental health and wellbeing. Surrey’s tree planting programme is part of our Climate Change Strategy and will contribute to Surrey’s ambition to be a carbon neutral county by 2050.


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